Development history
First versions of CalcExpert were represented as Excel files +VBA Code. There were 8 different versions from 1.0 to 1.7. These versions having wide functionality list also had some important disadvantages: unavailability to play game in full screen mode and use CalcExpert at the same time, complicated perception of information due to Excel features. Was made a decision to create desktop application, which didn’t contain weakness described above. So CalcExpert 2.0 was presented.

Functionality of CalcExpert  
1. Ability of use in full screen game mode
2. Automatic counting of bank amount
      2.1. Local and remote system of counting of planned amount  
      2.2. Unique universal assistant
3. The function of accounting losses in 1-click
      3.1. Accounting legendary and units for spec. resource (Maranian Am., Bioplasma  etc).
4.  Planning and analysis function (Assignment)
5.  The BG (Prize, Position, Infestations) control function
     5.1. Setting and removal from the reserve troops
     5.2. Instant calculation of the number of troops in the offensive and defensive BGs
6.  Detailed information about Quest (Syn.contr., Advent., Mission) locations  
7. A convenient form of accounting rewards (payouts)
8. Detailed statistics of rewards (payouts) and losses. Table of  losses history.
9. Storage of all information on the local PC.
10. Hotkeys
11. Many useful video lessons, the presence of a web site with useful information on the topic
12. Special YouTube button on each panel, allows you to instantly jump to view a video on the topic.
13. Technical and gaming support.