Calculator Expert

   Product name  Update date  Download file
  Calculator Expert 2.2. Stormfall: Age of War 3 Oct. 2020 Calc_VP_win32.exe
  Calculator Expert 2.2 Stormfall: Rise of Balur 3 Oct. 2020 Calc_Stormfall_win32.exe

CalcExpert Upgrade

Author Product name Update date Link
Youplay  CalcExpert 2.2.4 update  10 Oct. 2020  Download
Youplay (Download, extract, and replace the old file) 3 Oct. 2020  Download

  How to update the CalcExpert           Migration from 2.1 vrs to 2.2 vrs of CalcExpert

Additional components.

Author Product name Update date Link
Microsoft  Microsoft SQL Server Compact  -  Download